The Race of Gentlemen, Wildwood NJ

“The Race of Gentlemen, or TROG as it is affectionately called, is a multi-day celebration that pays tribute to the early days of racing. Purpose built pre & post war vehicles flood the beaches and battle the tide during this mechanical commemoration.

These purveyors of speed test the limits of machines built in their home garages or back yards, from across the land! These engineers pilgrimage to the Wildwoods once a year for some good, clean, old fashion fun!

This is “our” American Heritage.

This is… The Race of Gentlemen.”

Its not often that I take the motorcycle to go out to shoot… Today is different.  “The Race of Gentlemen” is being held this weekend in Wildwood NJ.  The weather doesn’t look like its going to cooperate so it looks like it will be a quick day instead of a full weekend.  Its about 200 miles to Wildwood from home so riding cohort, Kelly Nickels, and I head out early on the Harleys.  We managed to dodge most of the thunderstorms on the way down and arrived around 10am.  More than watching the races, which are held all through the day right on the beach, it’s a chance to photograph the bikes, cars, and drivers. It’s ALL vintage. Bikes are required to be 1947 or older and cars 1934 and older and the drivers dress to fit this period as well. The idea is to recreate the look and feel of bikes that would be racing in the late ’40’s.

Here’s some of my photos!

You can see the full set here: The Race of Gentlemen Gallery






MP1_6402 copy.4b






btw, not as lucky with the weather coming home… the rain caught up with us… haha. See ya!

pont rain


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